Synthetic Data for Perspective on Sustainable Development

Small SAR satellite constellation
x Big Data x Machine Learning

Synspective provides solutions for customers’ challenges with utilizing and integrating data
from Synthetic Aperture Radar (“SAR”) satellite constellations, big data, and machine learning.


Our Solutions

For Sustainable and Resilient
Urban Development

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More than half of the world’s population live in urban areas. Experts predict increasing urbanization will result in 66% of people living in urban areas by 2050. The sustainability and resilience of cities are global issues, and the world doesn’t have enough data and practical know-how to solve this issue.

Synspective gathers broad and high frequency monitoring data from our own SAR satellite constellation and extracts information using machine learning technology to better enable decision-making and action by companies and governments,. The information has multiple benefits such as visualization and prediction of economic activity, monitoring of terrain and structures, and immediate understanding of disaster situations.

Synspective solves customers’ challenges with integrating this information and customer’s data. Our solution empowers customers to achieve their goals for sustainable and resilient urban development, especially dealing with;

  • Ico solutions01Urban design
  • Ico solutions02Infrastructure
  • Ico solutions03Energy
  • Ico solutions04Insurance
  • Ico solutions05Finance

Our Technology

The World’s First “High Frequency, Resolution, and Responsiveness”
SAR Data Providing System

Planar slot array antenna type SAR satellite

  • World’s smallest and low-cost SAR satellite
  • High resolution data even at night and during cloudy/rainy weather
  • Daily observation of major Asian cities by constellation

Advanced satellite autonomous control and onboard data processing system

  • Optimum total-system responsiveness and data storage

Solution development with Machine Learning

  • Facilitating a work shop to identify issues with System-design thinking frame
  • Know-how for remote sensing data analysis x machine learning

Since SAR satellites can constantly and accurately acquire data, compared to optical satellites, the usage of SAR data is spreading among governments of various countries as well as private companies such as finance, insurance and retails. However, obtaining SAR data is difficult because of technological difficulties such as satellite development and data analysis.
Synspective has a world-class research team and data scientists in both small satellite development and image analysis. We are also able to provide solutions utilizing SAR data.



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